How to Stay Healthy When Traveling to a Conference

By Katharine Bierce


It’s fall conference season! To help you stay healthy when you travel and shake hands with lots of people, here are 6 of my favorite tips for things to bring with you when you travel and. 

As you bring your business cards for your networking, consider adding the following to your packing list for travel or in your backpack or briefcase for your conference prep.


1. Bring Hand Sanitizer

I like the lavender-scented Dr. Bronner’s spritzer for when I go to the gym or travel. This 2 oz bottle is OK to bring on a plane, too.

It also smells great!

2. Check Out Immune-Boosting Teas You Can Buy Online

I like to bring my favorite tea with me when I travel. Besides, not many airlines will carry much besides black tea, so why not stock up?

Note: You can probably find these at Whole Foods or on Amazon, but I prefer to link directly to the supplier since you can also order them in bulk. For more on supporting independent grocery stores and voting with your dollars, check out the book The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist.

3. Try Organic Tinctures to Boost Your Immunity

Steadfast Herbs creates “handcrafted remedies for cultivating physical, mental and emotional well being” as they share on their website.

Check out their Immunity Trifecta tinctures or consider getting their subscription herbal CSA box for year-round wellness, which is on a sliding scale to make it accessible.

I don’t have their fire cider on hand (which is in the Immunity Trifecta) so I just took a photo of my favorite items from them at left.

4. Bring Comfortable Shoes

Photo by  Manuel Vincent  on  Unsplash

It’s easier to get in your steps for the day when your feet don’t hurt.

Ballet flats for women are easy to fit in a backpack, but sneakers are also great if you’re standing at a booth for work as well.

Besides, sneakers and a blazer are pretty close to business casual!


5. Get Enough Sleep


It helps to put your phone on airplane mode about an hour before you want to go to sleep. Or if you listen to music, at least put it on silent so you don’t get a constant buzz of notifications.

The Center for Humane Technology also has more tips on how to take control of your technology here.

I also like to use Flux to make my laptop have less blue light at night, since blue light inhibits the production of melatonin, which is important for getting a good night’s sleep.


6. Bring a Travel-Size Yoga Mat


I like the Manduka Eko mat, which fitsin a carry-on, for practicing while traveling.

You can use hotel room towels to add padding or a book as a prop like a block. Add extra rolled up towels and you almost have a bolster!

My favorite yoga mats are the Manduka eko mat for fitting on a carry on suitcase, the Prana eco mat for being lightweight and cushy, and Jade yoga mats for being sticky and long lasting. Consumers Advocate also tested 65 eco-friendly mats and came up with this review.

Got any other tips for staying healthy while traveling or at a conference?

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Katharine Bierce