Reflecting on New Year's Intentions from 2018


About a year ago, I handwrote some intentions for the year on one piece of paper. If you’re contemplating intentions for the new year, too, I suggest taking some time by yourself in a quiet, relaxing spot in nature or while you’re on vacation, or even a nearby park in a city, with a paper notebook. Don’t just make it another to-do list. 


What is really important to you?


One book on this topic that I recommend is Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. If you don’t have time to read the book, just contemplate the core of it: “If it isn’t a HELL YES!!! it’s a No.”

As I contemplate my intentions for next year, I’m taking some time to review my 2018 intentions. 

Below is a selected version, with a “status update” in comments. If you’d like to see the unedited version, sign up for my email list at andnd send an email request to info (at) businesscasualyoga (dot) com with a note about why you’re interested in setting intentions.


Ok, without further ado, here they are! 

2018 Intentions

I focus my energies wisely.

Status: Yes. I wrapped up two volunteer projects that I’d been contributing to in an ongoing capacity for the last 4 years to make room for other volunteering, social, and health commitments. 


I am kind to myself.

Status: Always a work in progress!


I spend 1 day a month totally offline.

Status: Well…not doing as well here. I did do a few weekend backpacking trips but this feels like closer to a few times a year rather than a monthly “digital Sabbath” practice. 


I visit beautiful places in nature quarterly.

Status: Haven’t done as many bigger trips (e.g. Yellowstone) as I’d like, but I did do a bunch of 3 day weekend trips including backpacking for the first time.


I embrace opportunities to connect my heart, body, and mind at work.

Status: Yes! I led a web-based stretch break and in-person yoga-inspired stretch breaks for my colleagues, and started a social group for yoga enthusiasts. 


I take all my vacation days in the year I accrue them.

Status: Mostly. I’m saving some vacation days for a trip to Nepal in 2019 though! 


I make it a priority to care for my total well-being by continuing my daily yoga and meditation practice and practicing 3 days a week of 60 min cardio or yoga.

Status: Daily yoga and meditation, yes; 3 days a week of practice for 60 min… sometimes!

I am teaching yoga weekly.

Status: On track! As of this writing, I taught 49 yoga classes this year. 


I spend my free time with friends and people who re-energize/replenish/inspire me.

Status: Mostly. I’ve been spending more time with fewer people and going to fewer large social gatherings. (See #1.)


I practice loving-kindness, compassion, equanimity and joy.

Status: Work in progress! I meditate almost daily and usually end my daily meditations with a few minutes of loving-kindness (metta) practice. (For the practice I do, check out the recordings at:


What are your intentions for 2019?  

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A path in the Sierra Nevada mountains, California. Photo by Katharine Bierce

A path in the Sierra Nevada mountains, California. Photo by Katharine Bierce