We provide yoga and meditation classes in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Staff teaching certifications include: vinyasa, hatha, Stellarflow/Deep Flow, prenatal, yin, and restorative styles.

Business Casual Yoga™ is our signature yoga style, and is designed for office environments without yoga mats.

We offer individual, small group, office-based and online classes for students at all levels.

Email us for details: info @ businesscasualyoga dot com

Business Casual Yoga™ is:

Serious fun!

Professional and comfortable

A style that lets you be yourself 

Convenient to do before, during, or after work 

A style that integrates the wisdom of multiple traditions 

A modality that incorporates learnings from science, anatomy and hands-on assists 

Accessible to all levels 

Welcoming to beginners 

A style with hands-on assists while respecting those who prefer no touch 

Customizable for those recovering from injury while providing appropriate levels of challenge 

A style that incorporates techniques to help address office/desk related repetitive stress injuries (while not being a substitute for medical advice)

Designed to help you bring your best self to the world!


Business Casual Yoga™ staff: 

  • Have taught at Fortune 100 companies, startups, and organizations in between

  • Have volunteered their skills to the community, supporting people in low-income neighborhoods, in addition recovery, and women survivors of domestic violence 

  • Are knowledgeable, caring and creative